Just “Roman” Around

11813469_1070381342987214_4052070218514718222_nToday was very interesting for some of our group to say the least.  We have many good of exploring areas of Italy that we had not origianally planned to see (Yes, we got lost…).

The day began with an early start at the Colosseum, which was far more incredible than we imagined. We had a private tour/scavenger hunt with Tomàs. As an archaeologist and lifelong Roman, he had so much knowledge about the structures standing in front of us.

The whole Networks crew followed the tour with lunch at a local restaurant before parting ways for the afternoon. Rome sent many more surprises for us from the Vatican, the Pantheon, Baths of Caracalla, Piazza de Novana, Spanish Steps, and a failed attempt at the Catacombs (which we hope to see before the end of our trip).

11822387_10205014771795119_2818968839436917269_nAs the day is coming to a close, we are gathering back together for a relaxing night near the hotel. Tomorrow we have our final industry visits with St. John’s University and UniCredit Bank. Both these hosts have been very accomodating to our group for this visit, and we cannot wait to see what they have in store for us.


Kyle & Lily


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