Oh! The Places You’ll Go!

11794605_979410945455285_4148234716070021647_o We started off this morning at UniCredit, which is one of the largest banks operating in Europe.  We spoke with two high-ranking businessmen about European Union, unifying the economy of Europe, and lending to businesses.  It was a great opportunity for the Scholars and MBA students to have a question and answer session and get some great insight about the business environment.

For lunch we enjoyed eating together at a small café near St. John University.  We met with Dr. 11813495_979412882121758_1237417004956725676_nCassellman, a professor at St. John University, about challenges and the environment of Italian businesses, and how the business practices and culture compares to the United States.  Also, we had a business competition where teams of 4 Scholars and MBA Students competed over doing a business pitch about a food truck company, similar to Shark Tank.  Kyle, Emily, and two MBA students won their pitch with their proposed business called “Wine on Wheels.”

Pantheon-roma-636x392Following the industry visits, some of the Scholars split up to shop, eat, and tour the city of Rome.  A large number of us went to the Pantheon, a religious center of Rome that was created over 2000 years ago, Piazza Navona, the Italian Senate, and numerous churches.  We also enjoyed pasta together at a local restaurant, then sprinted back in order catch the metro before it closed for the night – we made it with 8 minutes to spare!

We are sad to see only 3 days left in our trip. Tomorrow we begin our free days with some in Florence and some in Capri.

Write again soon,

Kyle & Lily


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