Ciao Roma!

Our last three days in Italy were jam packed trying to get from place to place and experience all that we could. So, we apologize for the late blog post, but we wanted to say goodbye to Rome.

Thursday was our first free day, and we divided and conquered the country. Bo, Alison, and Nadia took a trip to Capri where they climbed rocks, waded in the crystal waters, and experienced the Italian coast to the fullest. The girls had nothing but positive and adventurous things to say about their days across the country. The rest of the crew (Kyle, Monica, Emily, Breanna, Larynda, Kim, Adam and myself) took a day trip to Florence. Adam and Kim got the opportunity to visit with a family friend over lunch and visited the Duomo, while everyone else went to see the statue of David. The best part was enjoying our time on a Hop On Hop Off bus that took us to the outskirts of Florence. At the end of the day, we all met up for dinner before traveling back to Rome.

Friday included a tour at the Vatican in the morning followed by a group gathering at Hard Rock Cafe Roma in the evening. After stuffing our faces with pasta and pizza for a week, we were glad to see hamburgers and fries on the menu. This dinner was one of those meals to remember. Everyone told stories of the trip, and we really got to connect with each other. All the alumni scholars told us these trips would make all the difference in bringing us closer together, and Rome has fulfilled that promise. image

Saturday, goodbye to Rome. One last tourist attraction at the crypt this morning was just enough before we went on a shopping spree for a little bit of Italy to take back home. Walking the streets of the city was a reminder of how fortunate we are to be a part of a program with so many opportunities. Although we had our moments in Rome, the experience is one we can tell our families and friends for years to come. We will share these memories with each other and cherish them all the same. The night ended with a full Italian meal provided by Networks. It was a time to reflect (which we did for 3 hours) and wrap up our time together.

On behalf of all of us, I would like to thank our directors, office staff, and industry visit team for planning this trip. A special thanks the Kim and Adam LaGrange for not only having a part in planning, but also coming along for the ride. Also, thank you to all the families and friends who supported this trip and support us every day. We all had a part in making the best out of this trip, whether it was mapping out destinations or taking photos for the group, and I’d say we left our mark.

Until next time Italy,



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