Ciao Roma!

Our last three days in Italy were jam packed trying to get from place to place and experience all that we could. So, we apologize for the late blog post, but we wanted to say goodbye to Rome.

Thursday was our first free day, and we divided and conquered the country. Bo, Alison, and Nadia took a trip to Capri where they climbed rocks, waded in the crystal waters, and experienced the Italian coast to the fullest. The girls had nothing but positive and adventurous things to say about their days across the country. The rest of the crew (Kyle, Monica, Emily, Breanna, Larynda, Kim, Adam and myself) took a day trip to Florence. Adam and Kim got the opportunity to visit with a family friend over lunch and visited the Duomo, while everyone else went to see the statue of David. The best part was enjoying our time on a Hop On Hop Off bus that took us to the outskirts of Florence. At the end of the day, we all met up for dinner before traveling back to Rome.

Friday included a tour at the Vatican in the morning followed by a group gathering at Hard Rock Cafe Roma in the evening. After stuffing our faces with pasta and pizza for a week, we were glad to see hamburgers and fries on the menu. This dinner was one of those meals to remember. Everyone told stories of the trip, and we really got to connect with each other. All the alumni scholars told us these trips would make all the difference in bringing us closer together, and Rome has fulfilled that promise. image

Saturday, goodbye to Rome. One last tourist attraction at the crypt this morning was just enough before we went on a shopping spree for a little bit of Italy to take back home. Walking the streets of the city was a reminder of how fortunate we are to be a part of a program with so many opportunities. Although we had our moments in Rome, the experience is one we can tell our families and friends for years to come. We will share these memories with each other and cherish them all the same. The night ended with a full Italian meal provided by Networks. It was a time to reflect (which we did for 3 hours) and wrap up our time together.

On behalf of all of us, I would like to thank our directors, office staff, and industry visit team for planning this trip. A special thanks the Kim and Adam LaGrange for not only having a part in planning, but also coming along for the ride. Also, thank you to all the families and friends who supported this trip and support us every day. We all had a part in making the best out of this trip, whether it was mapping out destinations or taking photos for the group, and I’d say we left our mark.

Until next time Italy,



Oh! The Places You’ll Go!

11794605_979410945455285_4148234716070021647_o We started off this morning at UniCredit, which is one of the largest banks operating in Europe.  We spoke with two high-ranking businessmen about European Union, unifying the economy of Europe, and lending to businesses.  It was a great opportunity for the Scholars and MBA students to have a question and answer session and get some great insight about the business environment.

For lunch we enjoyed eating together at a small café near St. John University.  We met with Dr. 11813495_979412882121758_1237417004956725676_nCassellman, a professor at St. John University, about challenges and the environment of Italian businesses, and how the business practices and culture compares to the United States.  Also, we had a business competition where teams of 4 Scholars and MBA Students competed over doing a business pitch about a food truck company, similar to Shark Tank.  Kyle, Emily, and two MBA students won their pitch with their proposed business called “Wine on Wheels.”

Pantheon-roma-636x392Following the industry visits, some of the Scholars split up to shop, eat, and tour the city of Rome.  A large number of us went to the Pantheon, a religious center of Rome that was created over 2000 years ago, Piazza Navona, the Italian Senate, and numerous churches.  We also enjoyed pasta together at a local restaurant, then sprinted back in order catch the metro before it closed for the night – we made it with 8 minutes to spare!

We are sad to see only 3 days left in our trip. Tomorrow we begin our free days with some in Florence and some in Capri.

Write again soon,

Kyle & Lily

Just “Roman” Around

11813469_1070381342987214_4052070218514718222_nToday was very interesting for some of our group to say the least.  We have many good of exploring areas of Italy that we had not origianally planned to see (Yes, we got lost…).

The day began with an early start at the Colosseum, which was far more incredible than we imagined. We had a private tour/scavenger hunt with Tomàs. As an archaeologist and lifelong Roman, he had so much knowledge about the structures standing in front of us.

The whole Networks crew followed the tour with lunch at a local restaurant before parting ways for the afternoon. Rome sent many more surprises for us from the Vatican, the Pantheon, Baths of Caracalla, Piazza de Novana, Spanish Steps, and a failed attempt at the Catacombs (which we hope to see before the end of our trip).

11822387_10205014771795119_2818968839436917269_nAs the day is coming to a close, we are gathering back together for a relaxing night near the hotel. Tomorrow we have our final industry visits with St. John’s University and UniCredit Bank. Both these hosts have been very accomodating to our group for this visit, and we cannot wait to see what they have in store for us.


Kyle & Lily

When In Rome


After a long ride across the Atlantic Ocean, the Networks Professional Development Program made it to Rome, Italy!  In Italy we met up with Kyle and Monica who have been studying abroad this summer semester, making our group 9 Scholars plus Kim LaGrange and her son Adam.


Once we lugged our suitcases through the complicated metro system and over the cobblestone streets, we checked into our beautiful 4-star hotel called Hotel Napoleon.  Since we are in Rome, we enjoyed a traditional lunch of carbs, on carbs, on carbs with many types of pastas, cheeses, and other delicious foods.

In the afternoon we enjoyed wandering around different parts of the city and enjoyed traditional gelato outside of the Basilica di Santa Maria.  For dinner the 10 students enjoyed sampling each other’s pizzas together at a local restaurant.


We had an early start to our second day in Rome. The day began with our first industry visit to Bic Lazio Business Incubator. With very accommodating hosts we learned about, and met, several of the entrepreneurs which the company supports. From there, our group headed to the European Space Agency which made quite the impression. It was astonishing to see the developments of their programs and the data they are able to collect


After a very trying trip back home on the train/metro, the Networks crew went our own way to the Spagna district of Rome. At this traditional Italian restaurant we all ordered and shared a different type of pasta.  The favorites by far was the gnocchi that Lily and Larynda ordered, but the spaghetti with red sauce was also a popular choice.

Since the metro system closed without us realizing it, we walked back from the restaurant to our hotel, and although this wasn’t really planned, it allowed us to see the historical areas of the city including the famous Spanish Steps and Trevi Fountain.  Unfortunately, both were under construction, but we were able to appreciate the grandeur of Ancient Rome.  The experience is more unbelievable than we could imagine. Rome is starting to sink in.


Lily & Kyle11815646_10205180786374435_1376530590_n

Taking off!

In less than 24 hours a small portion of the Networks bunch will be taking off from Detroit and flying to Rome! It’s hard to believe the time is finally here! We are so excited to see what this journey brings and how close we become with this experience.

On this blog, you will be able to see how we spend our days in Italy (don’t get too jealous). Kyle Varble and I will be taking care of the blogging during the week.

With that being said, I will end this first post by saying “Arrivederci”! We hope you enjoy our adventure as much as we do!

-Lily Eubank